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Thijn is joining No Such Ventures.

Awesome, Thijn is joining No Such Ventures. He is bringing his experience as founder, investor and lawyer to help burst No Such Ventures into orbit.

Thijn spent the last 4 years scaling the scooter sharing scale-up Check Technologies as its founder/COO. He built Check from an idea to a profitable multinational company operating in 20+ cities in The Netherlands and Germany together with his Co-founders, and managed a team of over 300 FTE. Leading the operations team, he focused on hyper-efficiency to reach profitability first and only then scale-up, rather than growing at all costs and then start praying for economies of scale. Unfortunately, he also brags about this every chance he gets 😉.

Having put Check’s first scooters physically on the streets from the back of a van at 2:30AM, but also having drafted tenders, created operational formulas and raised 2 rounds of funding, he has truly experienced both the horrors and the joys of plowing through the mud of founding a startup. Before Check, Thijn worked at Ponooc (a VC) and he spent the first years of his career as M&A lawyer, where he worked on big tech-deals such as the IPO of

Thijn was born in Brabant and raised in the ‘Achterhoek’ but if you ask him he’ll make sure to tell you he lives in Amsterdam (🙄..), together with his partner Lisan. After high school, he spent a few years backpacking in Australia and directing at the Academy of Theatre in Maastricht. Once he found out people weren’t really interested in seeing him on stage (something with shitty acting and overly complicated screenwriting) he sobered up and graduated cum laude from law school. Thijn is an avid mountain biker and enjoys good wine with better company.

As an investor he stands for sensible unit economics, basing decisions on objective data and solving problems with technology. He believes that sustainable economics come before environmental sustainability, however the most sustainable economics will definitely be achieved by those companies that have incorporated environmental sustainability into their business models.

We love Thijn for his no-nonsense cut-the-crap approach, original ideas and boundless enthusiasm. To the moon!🚀

If you’re an investor or founder that shares his mindset, don’t shy away from reaching out.


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