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Our investment team is growing!

Amsterdam, 5 December, 2022: Arjan is joining our No Such Ventures investment team at our Amsterdam office (Now our only office but we like to think big 😀). He started his career as the founder of the hardware tech startup MYPO. The company developed a smart parcel box to receive and return packages without having to be at home💡. As a founder, he understands all about the hardship of being an entrepreneur and what it’s like to be on the other side of the table. After that, he worked at Nobel Capital partners, a hands-on PE firm in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for investments and M&A and value enhancement projects at the portfolio companies. Sounds like a lot of dry reading and spreadsheets to us, but he probably learned a lot 😅.

Arjan was born and raised in Emmeloord, a small village no one knows about an hour north of Amsterdam. As a kid, he loved to play outside building rafts, soapboxes, and treehouses (Not sure why that is relevant, but now you know 🤩). He moved to Amsterdam to study political science at the University of Amsterdam (was a bit of a nerd and into debating in high school) but spent most of that time rowing on the river Amstel and the Bosbaan. Luckily, he took his Masters more seriously and obtained a cum laude MSc in Finance from the VU.

On our team, measuring 2.02m, Arjan is the tallest, beating Reinder by 2 cm (#giants). In his free time, he loves to be outside: kitesurfing, playing ball with his kids Fedde and Lune, taking walks in the park, running, cycling, you name it!

We love Arjan for his passion for founders and their ideas, his hands-on working style, and his warm personality. Although his hands seem to be cold all the time. We're confident that with Arjan's experience as both founder and investor on board, NSV will accelerate its trajectory into orbit 🚀.

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