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We support entrepreneurs

We have a sixth sense for selecting unique investment opportunities with growth, ambition, and potential. We actively support entrepreneurs in taking the next step, helping them become even more successful.


How we do things differently

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We work with entrepreneurs to
help them succeed

We think like entrepreneurs

  • Instead of following a strict investment mandate, we prefer to work in a flexible way

  • Like an entrepreneur, we seize opportunities and focus on breaking down barriers to success

  • We are eager to help in any way we can, but we don't want to be in the drivers seat - we leave that to you!

We bring more than just funding

  • A superior network, though our own active, value-adding investors

  • A pragmatic mindset

  • A lean & mean funding process

  • Experience in scaling, from hiring powerhouse people and developing business plans, to follow-on funding and the dream exit

We operate based on these values

  • Move fast but deliver quality

  • Follow your heart, don't just follow the herd

  • Be transparent and value people's time

  • Have a can-do, run-through walls attitude

  • Enjoy what you do and have fun while you do it

For entrepreneurs

Want to partner with us?

NSV Engaged Investors

For investors

Want to power ideas with us?

Helping inspiring entrepreneurs elevate the future!

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