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Who we have invested in

The companies we invest in become part of our No Such family. Every day we watch as they go from strength to strength, leveling up to become powerhouse players in their respective industries.

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Our No Such family

Every one of the incredible companies we invest in has something in common: they all have boundless creativity and big ambitions. We believe these qualities are what will make them leaders in their field and powerhouse businesses of the future.

Team Magic Lane.jpeg

Magic Lane

Magic Lane provides ready-made and fully customizable maps, navigation, and driver-assistance software tailored for businesses to integrate into apps, online platforms, devices, and vehicles.

Invested Q2 2024


"We are excited to partner up with No Such Ventures. Their enthusiasm and strategic insights make them the perfect allies as we gear up to revolutionize the location intelligence industry together."

Raymond Alves | CEO 

Magic Lane
Chris & Nadia.jpg


Logo - Blue.png

Naq automates and streamlines medical, defense, and financial compliance for innovators, change-makers, life-savers, and all those companies that the world needs.

Invested Q4 2023

Info Graphic 2.png

"In No Such Ventures, we've found more than just investors; we've discovered partners who are genuinely supportive and share our excitement for the next stage of our journey. As we embark on our ambitious growth plans, we're thrilled to have them as our trusted advisors, partners, and cheerleaders"

Nadia Kadhim | CEO & Co-founder

Propel Cofounders.JPG


Propel  (4).png

Communities are the building blocks of any ecosystem, and Propel is building the Infrastructure layer for tech talent communities to grow/scale, serve their members better and solve their last-mile problems.

Invested Q2 2023


“The team at No Such Ventures are an absolute breath of fresh air. Methodical and analytical while being supportive and empowering, we look forward to launching Propel into its next phase with them firmly by our side."

Seun Owolabi | Co-founder



Contentoo is Europe’s leading platform for content marketing talent – providing superior content for hundreds of rising European brands.

Invested Q3 2022


“We are growing to be Europe’s leading platform for companies, that want to create frictionless content. Contentoo loves the no-nonsense and hands-on approach of NSV, something you won’t find in just any VC. We are looking forward to conquering Europe together!”


Onno Halsema | CEO

Bryq team 2022.png
bryq logo.png


Bryq is a talent intelligence solution that transforms the way you recruit and manage talent in the workplace and paves the way for the Future of Work.

Invested Q2 2022

All in 1 (2).png

Building the Future of Work is definitely not an ordinary venture. In No Such Ventures, we have found a partner who gets it and actively supports us in implementing our vision.

Markellos Diorinos | Co-Founder

Square Blackbear Founders.jpg
Blackbear Logo.jpg


Blackbear is on a mission to break down the barriers of the working world. The blackbear ecosystem connects organizations worldwide with a network of skilled professionals to revolutionize outsourcing and change the way we think about getting work done.

Invested Q1 2022

Square Blackbear Office.jpg

Together with No Such Ventures, we're taking on the next steps. We're aiming for a rapid growth phase and the entrepreneurial way of working of NSV ensures us that we can take off with our current ambitious goals.

Joep Wittebrood & Stefan Hoogenboom | Co-Founders

Square Goboony Founders.jpg
GoBoony Logo


Goboony is a peer-to-peer motorhome sharing platform active in six countries, offering the most user-friendly and complete proposition for advertisers and renters.


Invested Q4 2021

Goboony Website Scrol Still.jpg

We feel very positive about the entrepreneurial spirit and open communication of the No Such Ventures team. As a fast-growing company it is important to be agile and we have a strong feeling that NSV is standing next to us. We are looking forward to a wonderful collaboration.

Mark de Vos  |  Co-Founder

Square Stratex Founder.jpg
Stratex Logo


StrateX is a workforce management consultancy firm and software provider for SMEs to large enterprises, which helps to predict, match, plan and report workforce capacity and demand.


Invested Q4 2021

Square Stratex Team.jpg

No Such Venture's approach is refreshing and motivating. We feel empowered and proud to have them as our partner. I see NSV's growth investment as a great sign of confidence for the work to date and look forward to working together.

Sulaiman Tariq  |  Founder

Square Trustoo Founders.jpg


Trustoo is a marketplace connecting clients looking for any type of professional services - from lawyers to painters - to any service provider located in their surroundings.


Invested Q3 2021

Square Trustoo Software.jpg

We loved the open, personal and no-nonsense approach. No Such Ventures is entrepreneurial and shows a true interest in building a great company together. We have no doubt we found the right partner.

Pieter Westerhuis  | Co-founder

Square Vromo Founders.jpg
Vromo Logo


VROMO build delivery optimization software that enables restaurants to oversee efficient delivery service with drivers from their own fleet, third-party delivery providers, and food marketplaces.


Invested Q3 2021 | Exited Q1 2024

Square Vromo Man on Bike.jpg

We are delighted to partner with No Such Ventures at this exciting stage of our journey. They have proven to be an incredibly supportive partner and a catalyst for our ambitious growth plans.


Brian Hickey  | President & CSO

Rodeo team photo
Rodeo Logo.jpg


Rodeo has developed unique project management software with a distinctive UI and UX design for the creative industry with a presence in Europe and the US.

Invested Q4 2020 | Partially exited Q3 2022

Square Rodeo UX Showcase.jpg

Efficient, honest and personal. No Such Ventures struck a chord by their no-nonsense and value-add approach and I am happy to have them on board. Together, I’m looking forward to further building out our beautiful company.

Pieter Vos  | Founder

Square Vendora CEO Robin Schuil.jpg
Vendora Logo


Vendora offers individuals and business owners the opportunity to sell or buy new and used goods & services easily and more safely than the competition.


Invested Q2 2020

Square Vendora UX Showcase.jpg

No Such Ventures brought us more than just access to capital. Their network of backers has already proven to be invaluable for expertise in a myriad of topics. A schoolbook example of 'smart money’!

Robin Schuil  |  Founder

Square Exasun Robotics.jpg
Exasun Logo.jpg


Exasun enables homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint by producing solar roof tiles with state-of-the-art technology, merging the aesthetics of a roof tile with the energy gathering capabilities of solar panels.

Invested Q1 2020

Square Exasun Housing Aerial.jpg

No Such Ventures believes in us for the long term, having invested during the pandemic which is not for everyone. Since they came on board, they have helped us navigate these uncertain times with all means possible.


Jan-Jaap van Os  | Co-Founder

Square EAZ Founders.jpg
EAZ Logo

EAZ Wind

EAZ helps farmers through their reliable, low-cost-to-performance windmills that grant unrestricted access to wind energy throughout the year.

Invested Q3 2019

Square EAZ Cow with Windmill.jpg

No Such Ventures has invested in us as founders in the first place and in our plan in the second place. That created a solid and positive basis for our investment relationship.

Aard Duivenvoorden  |  Co-Founder

EAZ Wind
Square 24i Team.jpg
24i Logo


24i creates and deploys TV apps for set-top boxes, SmartTVs, game consoles, tablets, and mobile phones, through its proprietary technology framework.

Invested Q3 2018 | Exited Q4 2019

Square 24i UX Showcase.jpg

24i was acquired by Amino, a UK listed strategic company, as logical synergies enable Amino to strengthen their own product offering and increase their revenue growth rate.


Helping inspiring entrepreneurs elevate the future!

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