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No Such Ventures invests in Rodeo

Amsterdam, 19 November 2020: Amsterdam-based Rodeo, a project management software vendor catering to the creative industry, has recently secured a significant €7.5 million investment in a funding round led by No Such Ventures, a Dutch new-style investment firm. This substantial funding will serve as a catalyst for Rodeo's ambitious expansion plans, accelerating the development of new features and driving growth in the American and European markets. As a result, the company is also poised to create numerous job opportunities within its operations in these regions.

Founded in 2016 by Pieter Vos, Rodeo aims to alleviate the project management challenges faced by creative companies. These enterprises often find their primary focus and passion residing in the creative process, leaving project management on the back burner. Recognising this industry-wide issue, Vos set out to create the perfect software to address these challenges, resulting in Rodeo's user-friendly, visually appealing, and efficient project management platform.

Reinder Lubbers, a partner at No Such Ventures, expressed admiration for Rodeo's accomplishments, noting its rapid growth across multiple countries and its emphasis on achieving profitability. The creative industry's positive reception of Rodeo's platform and valuable feedback from its target audience have allowed the company to continually enhance its offering with new features.

Rodeo's journey has seen it grow from a fledgling startup faced with the challenge of insourcing IT and developing a product with limited upfront costs to becoming a key player in four countries, with headquarters in Amsterdam and an office in New York. The company's operations currently span the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and the US.

Operating on a pure Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription-based model, Rodeo boasts a team of 22 professionals in Amsterdam and an additional 8 team members in its US office. The latest funding round will enable the company to expand its US sales representative team to 10 members and hire more talent for various departments in its Amsterdam headquarters.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Rodeo's resilient business model demonstrated its ability to withstand disruptions. The software's seamless integration into clients' daily workflows, coupled with its affordability and efficiency in managing projects, ensured its continued success.

In a competitive market, Rodeo sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, while some competitors focus on consolidating basic features into a single app. With the latest funding secured, Pieter Vos states that future funding rounds are currently optional, emphasising the company's self-sustainability and confidence in its continued growth trajectory.


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