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No Such Ventures invests in Exasun

Amsterdam, 16 September 2022: Netherlands-based Exasun, a company specializing in high-quality solar roof systems, has successfully raised €9 million in a new funding round. The company plans to utilize the funds to establish a new PV assembly line at its existing production site in The Hague and to support its international expansion.

According to CEO Remon Veraart, "The expansion of BIPV in Europe and beyond requires additional production capacity, and this capital injection will allow us to build a completely new PV assembly line at our current production site in The Hague."

Exasun's in-roof solar systems offer enhanced energy production compared to conventional on-roof systems, catering to the growing power needs of heat pumps and electric vehicles. The company's innovative approach focuses on sustainability, lower costs, and improved aesthetics through local production and collaboration with suppliers and knowledge institutions.

The collaboration with Wienerberger, a leading ceramic building solutions producer, has been instrumental in Exasun's growth beyond the Netherlands. Under this partnership, Wienerberger manages all European sales and distribution of Exasun products, with the Wevolt energy roof featuring the X-Roof and X-Tile products installed in over a thousand households across Europe.

As the BIPV market continues to expand, Exasun aims to be at the forefront, producing robust and aesthetically pleasing solutions that waterproof roofs, generate energy, and offer quick and easy installation. The funding round included investments from ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund, Invest-NL, Wienerberger, and existing shareholders ENERGIIQ, Dockpoint, and No Such Ventures.


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