This is what we do

We support entrepreneurs  

We have a sixth sense for selecting unique investing opportunities with growth ambition and potential. We actively support entrepreneurs to take them to the next step and make them - even more - successful. 

How we do it differently

No Such Ventures is a new type of venture capital helping entrepreneurs realize their ambition:

  • Support by valuable network of topic experts (from recruitment and sales to finance and legal).

  • Flexibility in deal structure and level of involvement.

  • Long-term value creation.

We work with entrepreneurs to help them succeed

We sense opportunity, just like entrepreneurs and thinks of ‘how to get it done’, not ‘whether we can’, also in terms of investment mandate.

Therefore, we are always interested in companies that meet the following criteria:


  • For-profit companies

  • Proven team or product, ready to scale

  • Do research on No Such Ventures and like what they hear or see (e.g. referral via Linkedin)

We truly focus on bringing more than just funding to the table:

  • A superior network, due to our own actively value-adding investors

  • Entrepreneurship and a pragmatic mindset, also reflected by a lean & mean funding process

  • Experience with everything involving scaling, from hiring rockstars and helping with business plans, to follow-on funding and dream exit.

  • “We are eager to help in any way we can, knowing we don’t (want to) sit on management’s chair”

We operate based on these values:

  • We act upon first principles and never ‘just’ follow the herd

  • Fast is better than slow 

  • We hate defense

  • We love transparency, so we don’t waste each others precious time

  • We enjoy what we do

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