What we do

We support entrepreneurs  

We have a sixth sense for selecting unique investing opportunities with growth ambition and potential. We actively support entrepreneurs taking them to the next step and make them - even more - successful.

This is how we do things differently


We work with entrepreneurs to help them succeed

We think like entrepreneurs

  • Instead of following a strict investment mandate, we prefer work in a flexible way

  • Like an entrepreneur, we seize opportunities, focusing on ‘how to get it done’, not ‘if we can get it done’

  • We are eager to help in any way we can, knowing we don’t (want to) sit on management’s chair

We focus on bringing more than funding

  • A superior network, due to our own active, value-adding investors

  • A pragmatic mindset

  • A lean & mean funding process

  • Experience in scaling, from hiring rockstars and developing business plans, to follow-on funding and the dream exit

We operate based on these values

  • Fast is better than slow 

  • Act upon first principles and never ‘just’ follow the herd

  • Be transparent and don’t waste each others time

  • Have a can do, run through walls attitude. No excuses

  • Enjoy what you do (and have fun whilst at it)

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What is deal-by-deal venture capital?

Rather than raising a big fund at once, that needs to be put at work fast and over a fixed lifetime, we fundraise for every opportunity again. We have a pool of 100+ “No Such Friends” who can decide to co-invest with us for every single opportunity. In that way, we give investors a say in what happens with their money, as well as provide entrepreneurs with an interesting source of money. Also, this model makes us way more flexible than a fund as we don’t have any mandate or lifecycle.

Why don’t you want to raise a fund?

Funds have benefits but are also highly inflexible. Having a fixed mandate that’s agreed on with fund investors, VC funds cannot deviate to different business models, geographies, or opportunity sizes although they might be the next Adyen. Also, we like to target more active investors who’d like to have a say in what happens with their money.

Doesn’t the process take much longer than for funds?

Generally not because we aim to be lean & mean in our processes. At the moment we agree on a term sheet, we start fundraising as well as start due diligence and legal processes simultaneously. This means we’re hitting multiple birds with one stone and can go from term sheet to closing in 5-8 weeks, assuming you’ve got nothing to hide :)

Who are your investors/ No Such Friends?

A great mix: many (serial) (ex-)entrepreneurs, who successfully exited their companies and want to support others do so as well. Also, we’ve got CEOs of global companies, advisors/consultants, and family members investing their family capital together. Moreover, our full team is personally co-investing so we have the same level of commitment. All these people and their networks combined have invaluable cross-industry and cross-country expertise that we’d like to share with you!

Our model

Is not having a specific industry focus the same as being unfocused?

No! Focus is often defined as a certain business model or industry but we tend to have a different kind of focus. We focus on ambitious companies that have a “No Such” characteristic, no-nonsense team, exciting growth plan, and for which we see a clear angle for us to invest (“why us” is important!).

What are your investment criteria?

We invest in for-profit companies that are revenue-generating and stand at the inflection point of scaling. To achieve this, they need growth capital to aggressively invest in sales, marketing, and growing their team.

How are your deal terms different from other VCs?

There are many flavors and types of deal terms. Living by our mission to democratize and attitude to be flexible, we try to be as pragmatic as possible. We like to invest in the highest existing share class, which often are common shares. We don’t need any liq prefs if they aren’t there already. Also, we don’t like complex governance structures or setting up boards for the sake of having a seat. We like pragmatic decision-making processes and will try to set that up together with you.

Do you have skin in the game?

A lot! Our full investment team except for interns participates personally in every deal we do. We believe that we should stand behind our portfolio as a team and therefore only invest if we all agree. As we’re hands-on investors, we believe that we should have the same motivation as founders and other shareholders in making a company a success.

Can you co-invest?

We like to lead the way in everything we do but can co-invest as well. We find it important a co-investor shares our value and has the same level of ambition as we do.

Do you accept non-Dutch companies?

Definitely! Amsterdam is our home but the world is our playground. As we’re established in Amsterdam, we have a big network in the Netherlands but our investments in VROMO (Ireland) and Vendora (Greece/Netherlands) show we don’t back off!

What is your biggest tip to fundraising founders?

Getting a VC onboard is like entering a new marriage: a relationship with contracts and agreements, and the promise to support each other in good and bad times. Therefore, block sufficient time to get to know your potential investors and ensure you can have a good working relationship for the next 2-10 years. Ask yourself a few key questions: - How much time do they promise to spend on my company? - How many other portfolio companies do they have and is their time allocation realistic considering their team size? - What capabilities make them distinctive and how can they support me? - Do I feel I can call them with good and bad news? Also, in these overheated times, we see many founders focus on raising very large tickets. Raising a too large ticket can cause too much dilution for you as a founder, puts unnecessary pressure on you to spend the money fast and rightly, and can make you unfocused. Make sure to evaluate in detail what you need to succeed for the next ±18 months and don’t fall into the “my ticket is bigger than yours”-trap!

What kind of documents would you like to receive from founders?

An overview can be found here: [LINK]

How we work

As an investor, what can I expect from you?

Curated investment opportunities in mostly scale-ups, across sectors and geographies. We will inform you in detail about each opportunity. After a deal is closed, we organize regular meetings between investors and entrepreneurs and make meaningful connections where deemed useful. Also, you get access to our investor portal and reporting systems to track your investments.

How do I apply to invest via No Such Ventures?

Using this link [LINK TO FORM] and filling your details. We gladly invite you over for a cup of coffee to determine if we’re a match.

For investors

What are your values?

1. Fast is better than slow 2. Act upon first principles and never ‘just’ follow the herd 3. Be transparent and don’t waste each others precious time 4. Surround yourself with successful people, as network = power 5. Be curious, discover new things, and challenge the status quo 6. Have a can do, run through walls attitude. No excuses. 7. Enjoy what you do (and have fun whilst at it) 8. Celebrate successes, even the smallest ones


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