What we do

We support entrepreneurs  

We have a sixth sense for selecting unique investing opportunities with growth ambition and potential. We actively support entrepreneurs taking them to the next step and make them - even more - successful.

We work with entrepreneurs to help them succeed

We think like entrepreneurs

Like an entrepreneur, we seize opportunities, focusing on ‘how to get it done’, not ‘if we can get it done’

We are eager to help in any way we can, knowing we don’t (want to) sit on management’s chair

We focus on bringing more than funding:

  • A superior network, due to our own active, value-adding investors

  • A pragmatic mindset

  • A lean & mean funding process

  • Experience in scaling, from hiring rockstars and developing business plans, to follow-on funding and the dream exit

We operate based on these values...

  • Fast is better than slow 

  • We never just 'follow the herd'

  • We hate defense

  • We love transparency, not wasting each other's precious time

  • We enjoy what we do

... Instead of following a strict investment mandate

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How we do things differently?


Does NSV have a specific industry focus?

No. We don’t think VCs predict the future — founders do. And we look to founders to teach us what’s next. If you’re building something different, we still want to hear from you and learn about the vision of the future you have in mind.

What do you look for in a founding team?


In what geographies do you invest?


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How its 

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